Tigersnp is a full service digital design firm and production lab with expertise in app and web development, social media, SEO/SEM, creative direction, branding, licensing, event marketing, system administration, I.T., disaster recovery and mitigation, start up incubation, patent authoring, product development, product prototyping, and manufacturing.

We work with individuals, artists’ municipalities, organizations, and businesses of all sizes. Our pricing structure is milestone based, affordable and competitive based on the actual scope of work. We try our best to provide free services for charitable organizations that work with Veterans, crime victims, natural disaster recovery, American’s with disabilities, and animal welfare.

As Chief Technologist and principle, I possess a diverse and eclectic skill set that enables me to hit the ground running in almost any environment. My pragmatic approach, multi tasking, transparency, discretion, and brutal honesty are some of the core elements of my methodology.