1 month development cycle : New medical appliance

Fast Track case study for full cycle product development

Our latest innovation is a groundbreaking medical device that was developed and patented completely in house. These Core methodologies in practice embody our unique skill-set and capabilities necessary to introduce any properties to the consumer market. The patent was filed in early July; this is intended to give a real world example of core services working in concert to bring concept to reality in a few weeks time.

-Product concept research and physical prototyping, compliance -Scaled manufacture & production using injection molding and Multi-Axis CNC platforms. -Development of all cross platform web and mobile properties – set up internal work share for all parties

– Branding – Collateral for web and mobile – Product collateral – Consumer package design – Social and traditional marketing initiatives – Drafting of Figures for patent filings.

– Provisional and Utility Patent Authoring – Patent filings, prior art discovery and unique marketability – Business Development strategies – Corporate and i.p. legal referral – Corporate Infrastructure and Securities strategy – Creative & Technical Writing – Specialized medical business development

As an inventor, I have had 1000’s of ideas that could be considered “inventions”. Having already developed successful products and companies from my previous 2 patents, I realized the device I invented a year ago out of pure utility was not on the market; and was a unique and novel invention worthy of a utility patent w/ intended development.

Having had the concept; within one month I authored a 60 page provisional utility patent with over 20 drafted patent drawings. A production ready prototype is complete. The device caught the attention of  intellectual patent and corporate council and business development executives all specializing in medical; having full intentions of moving the new device into production.  Although an official announcement is months away, Tigersnap has the reach and credibility that can produces fast results for a very intricate and new concept. The same methods are applied to all projects, work is delegated and results are produced.