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Tigersnap is a creative agency and tech incubator based in NYC & LA with results driven expertise in web/app/mobile development, full cycle product development, marketing, and concierge consulting solutions. We provide all encompassing or ala-carte consulting services for individuals and entities across all sizes and industries. Our platinum selling entertainment portfolio include hip hop institutions Rawkus Records and Fatbeats. We have consistently represented a-list lifestyle, fashion, art, real estate, finance, law firms, finance, and a myriad of business verticals. Discretion is at the core of our ethos; our internal projects have yielded notable success from concept to execution. Learn more about our work and core services. Have a project you'd like to discuss? Contact us we'd love to hear from you!
Read about our recent success with Cupcake Market

Read about our recent success with Cupcake Market

This local store attracted attention from Goldbely, Fox News, and People Magazine with square video!
Website development and management | Rawkus.com

Website development and management | Rawkus.com

Rawkus Records was an American hip-hop record label known for jump-starting the careers of both Mos Def and Talib Kweli. Rawkus started in 1995 with initial releases ranging from hip-hop, drum and bass and fun-dustrial (Dystopia One). Top underground talent from the New York area, notably Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek and Company Flow, who went on to define the label’s sound. During the mid to late 1990s, Rawkus became a dominant label in the underground hip-hop scene, producing a string of gold albums and a platinum album.
Website development and management | Fatbeats.com

Website development and management | Fatbeats.com

Fatbeats has been serving up vinyl to customers and the hip hop industry since opening their doors in 1994. An institution in hip hop, Fatbeats has attracted countless in store performances hip hop artists including Jay Z, Eminem, Gang Starr, and Outkast.

We helped transform Fatbeats.com into a global brand, cultural hub, and e-commerce destination . Over the next decade Fatbeats expanded it's distribution operation to Brooklyn and opened new retail locations in LA, Tokyo, and Europe.
Package Design

Package Design

Product packaging design layout files, prototype model, and finished packaging for Thumble.
Product Licensing and branding

Product Licensing and branding

Secured and developed product licensing channels with the NHL, NBA, NFL, and other public domain brands. Self-adhesive home buttons work with iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Replaceable - no residue, Officially licensed, MADE IN USA


Produced and coordinated 90 day viral marketing campaign to promote the launch of social media start up eCirkit.com (v.1.1). | Year: 2007 | Location: New York City - Mid Town Tunnel
Collaborating Artists: GRIME | REVOK1 | THE SEVENTH LETTER

As a post millennium incubator, we've succesfully baked patents & projects for social media UI and Apple iPhone since the aughts!

Tigersnap is a break out NYC -LA based agency that help define cutting edge UI, media delivery, marketing, social marketing, publishing, and eCommerce solutions that are now common practice today. Our platinum selling entertainment portfolio include hip hop institutions Rawkus Records and Fatbeats, keeping company with industry standouts in lifestyle, fashion, art, real estate, finance, law firms, finance, and a myriad of business verticals.

We currently provide a wide array of solutions for result driven clients; we create digital and tangible property of any kind. Our core services as listed are used to create, innovate, strategize, and collaborate with professionals at the top of their respected fields.

Creative digital design is used in development as well as marketing initiatives; concierge consulting services encompasses our overall altitude strategy and specialized offerings. Our online portfolio represents a small portion of our projects, physical samples are available. We do not publicize our brand across social; our efforts are instead focused on our creations.

Our fee structure is budget minded and as unique as every project we approach. A themed word-press site with hosting and email service can be delivered in a few days for $300-$500, while other common core services are priced to be market competitive. Contact us for a complimentary analysis and consultation; inquiries are typically answered same business day.

  • Digital & Product DEVELOPMENT

    Web Development | Full Stack PHP & MYSQ, WordPress & Common 3rd party frameworks
    Mobile App Development | IOS / ANDROID / Proprietary Product Prototyping | Simple parts to complex creations
    Fabrication/ Production | CNC, injection molding, inspection, decoration, assembly

  • Digital Design & Post Services

    Web | Mobile | Interactive | Packaging | Apparel | Branding | Books/Magazine | Marketing Collateral | UX/UI

  • Social & Viral Marketing

    Search Engine (SEO) | Social Media (SMM) | Pay-Per-Click (PPC) | Email | Affiliate | Email | Analytics | Organic Campaigns |

  • Concierge Consulting

    System Administration | Hosting | Business Development | Infrastructure | Digital Security | Creative & Technical Writing | Legal Matters | Domain Disputes | Patent Authoring | Disaster Management | Data Recovery | Threat Mitigation | Domain Acquisition | contact us

Incubator Update


Our latest innovation is a groundbreaking medical device developed and patented completely in house. These Core methodologies in practice embody our unique skill-set and capabilities necessary to introduce any properties to the consumer market. Click here to see our core services working in rapid concert in bringing this new medical concept to market.

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